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First donation since our relaunch!

Shelly Cove Donates $3000 to SCCF!

Read more about our recent donation to Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation!


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Help Rescue Turtles!

HELP RESCUE TURTLES with Shelly Cove. Nine years ago Shelly Cove was founded with a mission to give back and save sea turtles. Looking back, Shelly Cove has made a tremendous impact on the community including $200,000 donated to sea turtle conservation and several other chartiable causes. It was all made possible by YOU, the loyal customers.


New Shirts, New Logo, New Price, New Us.

We are excited to announce that Shelly Cove is now under new management by Maryland Brand Management, Inc (MD-Brand). MD-Brand owns Puppie Love®, Kittie Kittie® and more! Thank you for your warm welcome, kindness, and supportive enthusiasm you have shown during our recent relaunch! We are so excited to continue this journey of saving sea turtles, together! Stay tuned for more product launches, turtle content, and most importantly, donation news!

XOXO, Shelly Cove