Shelly Rewards

What are Shelly Rewards?

Shelly Rewards are our way of thanking you for posting great pictures on social media!  Every week we will choose our favorite picture posted on both Instagram and Twitter!  

How do I enter to win?

Easy! Just post a picture of you or your friends wearing Shelly Cove apparel on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ShellyCove.

What if my account is private?

While we prefer if the account is not private, you can always message us a screenshot of your post, and we will consider that as an entry!  

What do I win if I am chosen?

Every week, we will give away a $10 Shelly Cove gift card to Instagram and Twitter winners!

How do I know if I am chosen?

Winners will be notified via direct message or via a comment on their picture!  

Does uploading a picture multiple times help my chances?

No! Please only upload a picture one time:)  Please do not ask us to pick you! 

Can I win more than once with different pictures?

Yes! If you continue to take great pictures of your Shelly Cove apparel, we will continue to reward you:)

What kind of pictures are most likely to win?

We want creative photos that clearly show the fun-loving nature of our brand.  High quality and minimal filters preferred.  The more creative and adventurous, the more likely we will choose you:)