Our Team



From his parents' garage, to a team of a dozen folks, Matt oversees management of each department, and helps guide the brand as a whole. Matt enjoys playing with his dog Luna, playing Sunday league soccer, and exploring new business ventures!


CFO / Co-Owner

Brad takes care of all finances and ensures the team has all the tools and equipment to do their job well. Need a spreadsheet? Brad's your guy. Outside of work, Brad has a passion for learning, entrepreneurship, and making the perfect cup of coffee.



Ashlynn communicates with wholesale reps and independent accounts for all wholesale needs. Saw us in a retail store? Ashlynn handled the deal. Ashlynn loves to eat ice cream and lay down for a good nap.



Besides creating beautiful and unique designs, Rebekah oversees product decisions to insure quality, variety, and collection integrity. She loves cooking Mexican cuisine in the summer, her favorite season. #sunshineplease



In addition to making sure our warehouse runs as smooth as butter, Hannah also helps with photography and content creation. Hannah can be found jamming to K-Pop all times of the day, and has a love for fashion photography.



Sherry tackles all things organizational in the warehouse - making sure all deadlines are met, and all shirts accounted for. Sherry loves to spend her free time cooking, swimming, relaxing at the beach or doing yoga.


ux creatives

See this website? Holly made it (even this page!... but not this blurb. She's too humble for that). Holly oversees and creates all digital graphics. Outside of work Holly enjoys oil painting, and baking vegan pastries.


customer s.

Have a problem? Speak to Ferris. Aside from making sure no customer is left unhappy, you can read her great and educational blog posts on our website! Outside of work, she can be found at the skatepark doing some sweet tricks!



Have you ordered from our website? Chances are, Megan either folded your shirt, or packed your order! Outside of work, Megan is an amazing seamstress and artist and enjoys experimenting with dyes and fabrics.



Indra handles all things social, content creation, giveaways, influencer relations and how our brand is perceived online. Outside of work, Indra loves exploring to find the best local miso ramen.



Responsible for picking and shipping orders. Outside of work Olivia enjoys spending time with her family, cooking up a new recipe or enjoying a delicious cup of joe!