Mystery Misprint Tees 5-Pack

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Some of our shirts don't meet our quality standards, so we bundle 5 of them together in our Mystery Misprint Packs! They're still the soft, comfy, and cute tees you love, just with slight imperfections like:

    • a little ink spot or small streak
    • a small hole
    • slightly off printing
    • discontinued tees


You're helping us eliminate waste while getting an awesome deal at $15 per tee. A total win-win! ♻️✌️🛍


A portion of our profits is donated to 💖 🐢


*Note: Limited stock. No returns or exchanges. Bundles are pre-made so sizes cannot be mixed. If multiple bundles are ordered duplicates are possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Cara Swanson
Mystery misprint shirts

My daughter LOVED her mystery print shirts!! We order from you guys A LOT. We couldn’t even find the flaws!

Love misprint bundles

I love when Shelly Cove does their misprint bundle sale! I always stock up on tees whenever they do this. They are in perfect condition. I can't even find what happened that it is a misprint!

Mystery Bundle

The shirts were all great and the quality was wonderful. I thought because I had originally clicked on long sleeve in my search I would get a long sleeve bundle but I guess I misunderstood. But I have plenty of short sleeves now! And u can’t even tell where the flaws are!!

Amazing can’t see anything!

I’m shocked! I read the reviews prior to buying and boy they were right! I honestly can’t see anything wrong with any of the five shirts I got! Beautiful and I love them all I’m hooked and gonna but more lol

Dorris Stanley
Loving My Turtle Shirts

I love all my shirts. I got a Mystery Bundle for Christmas and I got the Mystery Bundle tees for my birthday.... I need more!!!!! I love the Yellow one I got and the long sleeves are awesome tooo! I can say I am VERY happy AND surprised and amazed at the fact that I can’t tell that there is ANYTHING wrong with a single one I got! I love all of the shirts I got!!! One of them was one I wanted to buy, so I was glad I got it! I also love that this helps eliminate waste and also helps save the turtles! Turtles are my favorite animals and I have a tattoo of them on my neck!

L Davis
Never disappoints

Love the selection and every one comfortable and well made. Misprint bundle is well worth the investment. I was so excited to receive a couple of the shirts I wanted to buy anyway and I only found one minor imperfection in the entire set which I easily fixed. These would of made excellent Christmas gifts but I decided to keep all of them myself.

Emily Whetstone
Can’t even find the misprints!

I bought a few surprise long sleeves, short sleeves, and this pack. I have no idea which 5 are even the misprints. I love how soft they are and I was so excited seeing every single shirt they picked for me. So glad I let them pick because I ended up with some things I may not have picked for myself and ended up loving all of them. I wore one to dinner with my husband and got compliments from multiple people on my way in and out!

Kaitlin Jenkins
Love love love!

Although I was a little hesitant to buy the Misprint Bundle due to the fact that I wasn’t sure what would actually be wrong with the shirts, I can say I am happily surprised and amazed at the fact that I can’t tell what is wrong with a single one I got! I love all of the shirts I got and one of them was one I wanted to buy anyways so I was glad I got it! I also love that this helps eliminate waste and also helps save the turtles! Definitely worth the price and I would love to buy another one again!

Just what I was looking for!

Super comfy and I could not even notice the misprint!

Cat Venne

I love them
I was expecting a long sleeve tee but then I reread my order and it didn’t say I was getting one..ha ha
So I’m very happy- thanks