Will You Take the Earth Day Challenge?

Will You Take the Earth Day Challenge?

Did you know: this year marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day?

Of course, we think that every day should be Earth Day, but we love watching people across the country — and from around the world — coming together to purposefully make their environment a safer, healthier, more beautiful place to live.

This year, Shelly Cove is making Earth Day about accepting the challenge! 

What Has Earth Day done so far? 

Earth Day, as part of the Environmentalism movement, began in 1970. The efforts of a single day started a domino effect that continuous to this day.

Conversations turned into motivations that tricked upwards into legislature trickled up into the legislature. Over the next few years, its results were impressive: 

  • Clean Air Act
  • Water Quality Improvement Act
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Endangered Species Act
  • The Toxic Substances Control Act

What is next? That’s up to us! We've put together a list of challenges that you can try for the month

Reach out and Share

One of the most important things you can do is let your representatives, locally and federally,  know that YOU care about the Earth and, for them to represent YOUR voice, they should too! 

This Month: Write a letter or email to one of your representatives! 

Smart Hydration

Water is the most precious resource for our planet and our bodies! Unfortunately, in the name of hydrating convenience, billions of plastic water bottles are used, discarded, and go on to pollute our natural water sources every year.  How can we stay hydrated and planet-healthy?  Carry a reusable water bottle! Refill at school, at work, and on the go! 

This Month: BYO (Water Bottle) !

Can We Fix It?

Before fast fashion and two-day delivery, people thought twice before tossing their things out. Sometimes “trash” just needs a little TLC.  Torn sweater? Thread a needle! Vacuum cleaner on the fritz? Grab an online tutorial! With a little research and creativity, you can repair and reuse more than you think. This month look for what needs a fix instead of the bin. 

This Month: Repair one household item!

Less is More 

Did you know that you can save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you can by skipping the shower for six months? Replace one lunch or dinner this week with protein-rich veggies instead of a carnivorous éntre. (Ex: beans, spinach, asparagus, kale, mushrooms.) Take it to the next level and visit your local farmer’s market. You can decrease the carbon footprint of your meal and support local agriculture! 

This month: Plan a veggie meal!

Skip the Plastic 

If you feel dependent on plastic, you’re not alone! In our convenience culture, the number of plastic single-use items has sky-rocketed. It takes time to form new habits that require a little extra effort, but the good news is — you can start today! Once a week (or once a day) say no to single-use plastics. A plastic straw, plastic utensils, plastic-covered product, plastic grocery bags, etc.  

This Month : Skip single use plastic! 


Shelly Cove Team on Earth Day Clean

Finally, we’re going to end with a … Super Challenge! 

Plan a Community Clean

The Shelly Cove Team has been going around town making spaced beautiful and we want to let you know that YOU can do it too!  Here are the steps that we found helpful for pulling off the Clean: 

Rain Check

Check the weather for your big clean up day and dress ready! We were lucky to have beautiful spring weather — just a little breeze — and sun! So our team came prepared with sunscreen and hats. 

If it looks like rain on your cleanup day, pack some extra ponchos, rain-boots , and keep an eye on the radar for thunder storms.

Location, location, location!  

This may be a local park, hiking trail, neighborhood, or other public area. We asked people from local neighborhoods where they needed specific help and even went online to get local crowd-sourced ideas. We found it ideal to stick to public spaces and sidewalks.

Get Permission

If you are going to be cleaning on city, park or private property, it’s best to contact the owners for permission, a heads up, or getting any permit necessary. 

Borrow first

If you don’t  have all of the equipment handy, instead of buying new items, see if you can borrow from a friend  — or while you’re at it, invite them along! 

  • Trash bags, 
  • gloves, 
  • snacks, 
  • a small wagon, 
  • sunscreen, 
  • Hats
  • First aid kit, long sleeves and closed toed shoes
  • Watch out for sharp items : glass, nails, or rusty metal. 

(You can bring solid containers for carefully storing broken glass!)

Afterwards make sure to get a picture!

Share your challenge and encourage some of your friends to do the same! 

Shelly Cove team members carrying trash

If you complete any of our challenges OR a Super Challenge Clean, let us know in the comments or tag @shellycove on your social media!