Why is Shelly Cove a Give Back company?

Why is Shelly Cove a Give Back company?

Doing good is one of Shelly Cove’s essential values. While our team is small compared to most, each and every member is so excited to make a difference. 

While promoting sea turtle conservation, sustainability, and eco-consciousness, we strive to support humanitarian and ecological efforts in our backyards and around the globe. 

At the end of the day, Shelly Cove gives back because 

1) We believe that passing on the good is the point of doing anything

2) Our awesome community encourages and inspires us

3) It’s really, really fun! 

Where does your support go? 

Another Shelly Cove value is transparency. We want to let you know what kinds of things your support has made happen this year. 

Sea Turtle Conservation

Our first mission — and the inspiration for everything Shelly Cove — is Sea Turtle conservation. These endangered animals are surviving thanks to the efforts of committed environmentalists and volunteers like our friends at The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. 

Every year we are privileged to send at least 10% of net profits to directly support the care of hundreds of their sea turtles. And every year, rehabilitated turtles are released back to their ocean home! 

Cold Stun Rescue

When winter storms devastated Texas in 2020, the Shelly Cove community came together within twenty-four hours to hold a 100% profit donation initiative. We raised and donated $15,000 to rescue cold-stunned sea turtles floating off the coast. Thanks to Sea Turtle Inc. hundreds of sea turtles were rescued, re-warmed, and safely released back into their natural habitat. 

Wildfire Crisis Relief

When raging wildfires threatened the communities and endangered wildlife of Australia, conservation groups across the globe sprang into action. The Shelly Cove community came together as well, and helped us send $30,000 to the Australian Red Cross.

Marine Biology Scholarship Award

We established the "Karen Schroeder Shelly Cove Marine Biology Scholarship," in honor of our late co-founder, Karen. This year we awarded another $5,000 scholarship to a Marine Biology students at UNC Wilmington, to both support and encourage young people to pursue this essential field.

Local Food Bank Support

Local volunteers are the backbone of our community. Through exclusive tee-shirt designs, we provided over 10,000 meals to Chattanooga Food Bank. We donate our time serving as a team, and leftover boxes every month which they use for delivering meals.

Over $10,000 more has been donated to various non-profits through flash promotions and as local needs arose.

Again, none of it would be possible without the continued support and encouragement of this community! 

And we’re just getting started!

From the very beginning of Shelly Cove our main inspiration and mission has been to give back. Our team exists to create fun, beautiful clothes — that’s true! But creativity and success can serve a wider purpose. 

Shelly Cove is here to make an impact and over the past year supporters and patrons just like YOU have helped us go above and beyond expectations.

We can't wait to see what the Shelly community continues to do!