40 Resources for Getting Educated on Racial Justice

40 Resources for Getting Educated on Racial Justice

This month, we’ve all witnessed history. Millions of people from across the nation—and around the world—are coming together to demand justice, safety, equality, recognition, and lasting change.  

At Shelly Cove our goal is to learn as much as possible about anti-racism and make the necessary changes, as individuals and as a team, to affirm the struggle and value of Black lives. 

So we’re getting educated on issues of systemic prejudice and the personal biases we all grow up with. 

Where to Now? 

While there’s still a long way to go, every journey starts with a single step. And then another. And another. 

In fact, the biggest changes happen when millions of little changes add up together. 

Lasting anti-racism starts with each of us and continues when we all come together. 

That’s why we’ve taken inspiration from others, sharing their books, podcasts, videos, and films that encourage conversation about bias, race, and other justice issues. 

It’s not exhaustive by any means, but all of them are opportunities to take another step.  

As you listen and learn, try to ask questions like: 

  • “What else is there for me to learn?” 
  • “How does this connect to other issues? 
  • “Why didn’t I know this before?
  • “How will this knowledge change me? 

And if you encounter stories or opinions that make you uncomfortable, take a moment and ask “Why do I feel this way?” 





These issues don’t go away when the hashtags stop trending.

Let’s commit together to learning, listening, and doing the next right thing.

Progress and practice > perfection. 

We’re willing to mess up, get informed, and keep pushing forward. Because our fellow humans are WAY too important.