Recycled Baby Shelly Plush

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We have a turtle friend for you!  Our plush sea turtle hatchling, Baby Shelly Plush Sea Turtle!  The best news is.... it's made of RECYCLED materials!

  • Recycled Plastic Poly Fill
  • Recycled Silicate Pellets
  • Recycled Sew Labels

Our hatchling is 12" in size. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Turtely Awesome. (:

So very well made, however, under one extremity, there was a loose stitch. I kindly recommended checking every inch of turtle to make sure the sticking is thorough. (: Not a huge problem since it was only one little part of the entire plush. The plush itself is super soft, has a good weight on it and love what it's made of. xx
Gave it to one of my 5 year old patients who has ASD and ADHD / obsessed with turtle of all kind, esp. Sea turtles. He loved it. (: so thank you. xxx

Love it!

I love the size it’s not too big but not too small. Soft and squishy and a great cuddle partner.

Ella Smith
Lovin’ it!

He’s so cute and clean! I bought it at a shop on the beach! Love it!

Jacquelyn Rank
Practically Perfect

Plushy was adorable and soft. The turtle tracking information took us to a turtle from 2006 who didn’t have anything to track. In fact, we aren’t sure if the turtle is even still alive. Lennie (the sea turtle) was brought in with head trauma leaving her blind. Therefore, I’m sure she was put in a sanctuary making the tracking information unnecessary. Is Lennie still alive? If so, where is she now?

Super Cute

I bought the recycled plush turtle and I love it. My students and I have been doing research on sea turtles and the environment and thought that the sea turtle would make a great mascot to remind them how taking care of our environment is crucial for the ecosystem. I would recommend buying this sweet turtle from Shelly Cove and read about the sea turtles that they have saved from those who have bought or donated to the medical care of sea turtles.

Wesley Blokker
Girlfriend loves it

I'd say it's a big hit, she keeps it in her truck.

Makaili Clark
Such a fun gift!

I am so glad I decided to buy this for my little cousins! They enjoy it so much and always comment on how soft it is. I have to say its a very well-made stuffed animal and when I opened it I immediately smiled! Can't wait to buy more from this site, and track my little buddy in the sea, with my cousins who are 6, 4, and 3! (haha unintentional rhyme but the oldest suggested it)

Jennifer H

Love it, i have him displayed at work.

stacey kellam
Baby Shelley purchase

I recently purchased the Shelley baby sea turtle, I love it. She’s so soft and cute. I especially love the fact that she’s made out of recycling plastic bottles!Which helps with conservation and save the wonderful sea turtles.It’s well worth the purchase.🙂

Desiree Boyd
Sweet Little Sea Turtle

My son received the sea turtle as a birthday gift last year he is obsessed!!! Turtle goes everywhere with him. It's soft and the perfect size for road trips. This year we ordered another sea turtle. I love that it is recycled material. Love, Love Love. Great for toddlers ❤️