Cozy socks, guitar, coffee mug, and notebook on a bedspread.

101 (FUN) Things to Do While Social Distancing

Taking a break from social gatherings doesn't mean you have to take a break from having fun!

That's why we are serving up our mega-list of things to do and enjoy—from the comfort of home:

(How many will you check off this week?!)

  1. Sing out your window
  2. Break a world record—here are some you CAN try at home. 
  3. Reorganize your closet, Marie Kondo style. 
  4. Pet your dog/cat.
  5. Pet them one more time. You know you want to. 
  6. Create a playlist or enjoy someone else's.
  7. Learn the choreography to a music video.
  8. Make up your own choreography. 
  9. Cuddle up and nap.
  10. Call a best friend. 
  11. Call a friend you don’t know and get to know them. 
  12. Send memes.
  13. Make a movie.
  14. Believe in yourself. 
  15. Start a blog on your favorite topic. 
  16. Learn a new instrument. 
  17. Make your bed—it feels nice, we promise. 
  18. Rearrange your bedroom.
  19. Share a compliment. 
  20. Cook your favorite meal.
  21. Cook a meal you’ve never tried. 
  22. Journal your thoughts. 
  23. Draw a picture—and send it to your friends! 
  24. Use social apps like Facetime, Google Hangout, Marco Polo and House Party to stay connected.
  25. Youtube a new yoga flow.
  26. Read those New Yorker magazines stacked in the corner. 
  27. Brew your favorite hot drink. (Hot chocolate? Coffee? Tea?) 
  28. Go on a bike ride. 
  29. Read a chapter of a new book. 
  30. Re-read your favorite book. 
  31. Limit news media to certain times of the day. 
  32. Make a gratitude list.
  33. Stretchhhh. 
  34. Start/join a TikTok trend. 
  35. Make a secret code… 
  36. Teach your friends… 
  37. Send secret messages >:) 
  38. Movie marathon you never had time for? Now’s the time. 
  39. Write letters—with multi colored pens! 
  40. Call elderly family members or neighbors. 
  41. Bake just so many cookies. 
  42. Water your plant babies—do they have names yet?
  43. Hold a blinking competition.
  44. Tackle the 2-week laundry pile in your closet. 
  45. Livestream yourself reading a book, singing a song, or sharing a talent. 
  46. Learn how to braid 
  47. Watch an Opera for free [Met Link]. 
  48. Tour world-famous museums for free 
  49. Take ivy league classes for —we’ll say it again—FREE
  50. Work on a Rubix cube. 
  51. Learn a new language (We see you Duolingo).  
  52. Start a fundraiser for people in need.
  53. Perfect your handstand.
  54. Recycle!
  55. Cloud-watch from your backyard. 
  56. Take a bubble bath.  
  57. Make a blanket castle. (You are royalty now.)
  58. Puzzles! 
  59. Make a signature smoothie. 
  60. Take a solo nature walk. 
  61. Learn the lyrics to a super fast rap. 
  62. Interview your family members.
  63. Watch a Ted Talk. 
  64. Meditate.
  65. Have a board game tournament. 
  66. Color some Shelly Cove turtles. [link] 
  67. Clean out your car. 
  68. Learn how to change a tire. 
  69. Create a mood/vision board. 
  70. Start a blog.
  71. Watch an online comedy special.
  72. Make a time capsule. 
  73. Turn your dining room into a 5-star restaurant—make menus, lay out tablecloths, draw on a mustache. 
  74. Memorize the periodic table. 
  75. Learn how Quantum mechanics works. 
  76. Have a fashion show. 
  78. Create an imaginary character and write their story.
  79. Support your favorite local businesses by buying gift cards
  80. Create Pinterest crafts—nailed it! 
  81. Try a new workout circuit.
  82. Drink water. 
  83. Take a deep breath. 
  84. Catch up on sleep. 
  85. Research your dream job. 
  86. Leave jokes and riddles around the house.
  87. Practice the splits.
  88. Learn about conservation.
  89. Tell someone you love/appreciate them. 
  90. Watch baby animal videos. 
  91. Have a spa day. 
  92. Deep clean your room. 
  93. Paint your nails. 
  94. Lean on a friend. 
  95. Design a clothing line. 
  96. Write music.
  97. Research your family tree.
  98. Leave your mail carrier an encouraging note.
  99. Check in with your emotions. 
  100. Know your worth. 
  101. Smile. :)

BONUS: If you try anything from our list, leave a comment below! We can't wait to hear what awesome things you're doing.